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Unisex Alpha LED Shoes Navy by Cabron


Tiktauli features CABRON miami Unisex White color LED Shoes for Both Men & Women, Party In Style

  • Lace-up style white sneakers with LED lights from Cabron
  • Comes with 8 lighting modes in different colors
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery that can be easily charged using a USB cable
  • LED light stays on for about 4 hours at a stretch, if fully charged
  • Made from PU upper and textile lining fabric
  • Finished TPR sole for more flexibility
  • Padded sock lightweight insole for extended cushioning for the feet
  • A great pair of shoes for parties and casual outings

23 reviews for Unisex Alpha LED Shoes Navy by Cabron

  1. haroon _asad

    Nice Shoes, I wear it on both the Modes On & off !!


    I am loving them, Can u pls. pls. pls. make it in Golden color ?

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      Miss Julia, Sorry we will not make the same in Gold but in black yes !!

  3. Ramona

    I Prefer this color much since it…gets less dirty , I also have white with me..But i use them in the Night parties only !! Price is like so Economic…

  4. adnan

    Nice Shoes….But i want this Black color , can you do that for me ?

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      Same will be launched in Feb2020 !!

  5. nanjunda_unni

    Superb…Machcha !!

  6. Ajay Jaswal

    You took 3 days to deliver in Mumbai …I dont like it, Trust product is good hence i m keeping this packet ….Ensure in future for a …Next Day delivery in future !!

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      Sir, apologies…but we dont have “air courier” facility for COD” orders, yes PREPAID” orders can be delivered next day !!


    Need more images

  8. Aditya

    UK and Indian size is same?

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      Yes sir, they are same !!

  9. Adi

    Is it waterproof?????

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      its not waterproof , but can be worn in all Indian conditions, Don’t Submerge the shoe in water.

  10. Adi

    How many shades of light it has

  11. Aditya

    Which color are there in LED light

  12. Adi

    Which colors of light is in the shoes

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      It has 7 different colors/Modes of Light !!

  13. Atulbir

    My size of shoes is 11uk so can you make it in my size

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      Its Sold out sir !!

  14. Rohini Gupta

    I want this shoes but my shoes size is 6 and it’s not available

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      We have White color available in this UK6 size !!

  15. James

    Amazing shoes, how much time it take to fully changed ?

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      It takes 1 to 1.5 Hrs !!

  16. Kaushik sonawane

    Nice shoes with a colour combination

  17. Baba

    Black color avialible???????

    • Tiktauli dc Admin

      No Sir, Black color is not available !

  18. Jai miglani

    Super fast delivery…. But what’s the use of super fast delivery when the product is not working properly. .. disappoint

  19. Bilal

    Bodla sector 1 agra

  20. Deepak barmaiya

    I like your shoes

  21. Deepak barmaiya

    It’s osm sir!!

  22. Deepak barmaiya

    Amazing and best Brand sir!!

  23. Buddhadeb Pati


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